Getting the Right Message to The Right People Attracts the Right Clients!

Health marketing made easy. 5 tips to clarify your message.

I’ve been doing a lot of business soul searching lately.

The new financial year is always one of those times when I dig a little deeper and re-evaluate what I’m doing. It’s a great time for reviewing what your business is about, what your product mix is and most importantly, who you serve.

One thing is for sure, if you want to be seen as the ‘go-to’ person in your field, a consistent and instantly recognisable message is essential!

It’s really easy to complicate this, so today I’m sharing 5 straightforward tips to help you gain clarity when crafting and sharing your message.

1. Know who it is you are speaking to!

Choosing the right tone and language for your message can only be done when you know who the listener is. The clearer you are on your preferred audience (you get to choose) the easier it will be. Forget trying to be everything to everyone, that will only water down your message!Tone and language matters when you are trying to attract a certain type of client. Click To Tweet

2. Make sure they know what is in it for them

This is known as the WII-fm principle (what’s in it for me). What is their problem, and how will they feel after seeing you. Articulate this in your message and you will make an impression on them. If you don’t make it perfectly clear what is in it for them, don’t expect them to work it out!! If you don’t bother, they certainly won’t.

3. Consistently share the same message!

No matter what promotional tool you are using, it should spread the same message. Your website, your flyers, your ads, your newsletter, your business card; as well as verbally. If you want people to understand what it is you do and how you can help them, and be seen as the right choice, it’s your duty to make sure they know. If not, they might be missing out on what you can do for them just because “oh, I didn’t know you did that!”

A consistent message across all platforms will help your tribe know what you actually do. Click To Tweet

4. Share the right message with enough of the right people

There is no point creating the perfect message then sharing it with the wrong audience, or only a few. You’ll just end up ‘tired and frustrated!’ A handful of letterbox drops will not build a business, nor will a couple of community notice boards, and a single network. Ask yourself – where do these people hang out – and then go there (and stay a while). Yes! It’s that simple! (Especially when the message is clearly about ‘what’s in it for them’).

5. Ask your target audience their opinion

Quite often, we spend a lot of time creating ‘stuff’, but don’t really bother to ask our audience whether it is meaningful to them. Create a couple of marketing tools (eg. flyers, business cards) and ask some of your ‘ideal clients’ their opinion. You can also ask what they are perceiving from your marketing materials, and see what the come up with. Then you will know whether or not your message is actually being understood in the way you want it to.Ask your market their perspective before your create new products and services. Click To Tweet

Got a question or comment about creating clear messages and getting it to the right audience? Post your comments below.

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Krishna Everson

Krishna Everson is a Health Promoter, Writer and Marketing Consultant and Trainer who works with health and wellness professionals who want to share their message, promote their service, or sell their product or book.

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Jan-Marie - July 23, 2017

Love this – simple clear and to the point. A wonderful example of what you offer as well.


    Krishna Everson - July 24, 2017

    Thanks Jan-Marie. It’s quite a big topic, but I hope this adds a bit of clarity.


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