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Are you dedicated to transforming peoples health?

80% of Australians search for health information online!​

If you want to make a difference and change lives for the better, blogging will help you to attract new clients, educate people how to improve their health, and be found easily by Google. 

You've heard about the benefits of blogging but it all seems to hard and time consuming to master. 

Contrary to popular belief, blogging is easier than you think! 

Hi, my name is Krishna Everson, I'm a health writer and marketer who has been teaching article writing for 8 years. If you want to blog successfully for your health or wellbeing business with minimal pain, the Healthy Blogging Masterclass has been created especially for you.

Many health and wellness practitioners have the mistaken idea that blogging is hard to do.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

I'd like to introduce you to the Healthy Blogging - Healthy Business masterclass, which will show you how to create blogs easily to build awareness of your business from potential prospects, and drive traffic to your products and services. Not only that, you'll be able to use the same material for all kinds of promotion for your business, including your social media and newsletters! 

The Healthy Blogging - Healthy Business masterclass makes it simple for you to:

  • Find new clients
  • Demonstrate your expertise
  • Claim your position as the go to person in your field or location
  • Create a pool of passionate advocates for what you do
  • Drive traffic to your website

... and much, MUCH more!

And what makes this even better?

Now you never have to worry about creating quality content quickly that will work well to attract clients again!

At this masterclass you will learn:

  • Exactly how to structure your blogs to get your ideas out of your head and onto your screen
  • How to come up with endless topic ideas that your customers and prospects care about
  • How to create 400-500 word blogs with ease
  • How to optimise your blog for SEO (search engine optimisation)

Which also means you're not stuck with a dwindling pool of clients because you don’t have time to promote yourself, giving your competitors the upper hand.

So, if you're a health practitioner who wants to minimise the effort to create blogs to promote your business, understand this:

  • You'll be ahead of your competitors when you apply this know-how
  • Building your pipeline means a continuing stream of new clients and referrals
  • You get results for your efforts

The Healthy Blogging - Healthy Business masterclass with Krishna Everson holds the key to your success with successful blogging for your health business.

WHEN: Friday 3 March 2017. 9am until 1pm. 

WHERE​: Aminya Natural Therapies Academy, Marcoola

Health Blogging Masterclass for Health Practitioners

Healthy Blogging - Healthy Business MASTERCLASS for Health Practitioners.

Krishna Everson

Krishna Everson is a university qualified Health Promoter, a social marketer and health communications specialist, and has worked in marketing and health (on and offline) for 30 years, in the print and digital arenas. 


    • Bachelor of Health Promotion
    • Bachelor of Health Services Management
    • Cert IV in Small Business
    • Cert IV in Training and Assessment
    • Certificate in Public Participation