Hot or not? Are you losing readers because your headline is poor?

Headlines are one of my favourite topics!

It’s probably my newspaper and advertising background. Today I am still driven by a good headline, and I’m not the only one!

A good headline can make or break the connection between you and your ideal client. They are also key when it comes to being found by the search engines (SEO).

Google loves a good headline!

I’m not talking about terrible “click bait” that makes you follow a link to something totally unrelated to what it is you want. I’m talking about genuine headlines that engage the attention of your ideal client and provides them with a pathway to the information or solution that they are looking for.

A good headline will:

  • Speak directly to your audience
  • Appeals to their needs, wants, and desires (problems and solutions)
  • Attracts attention of the people you are targeting
  • Stimulates emotion
  • Encourage the reader to continue
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Headlines are key on your website, your social media posts, your blogs and articles, and press releases….anywhere you need to capture attention in a matter of seconds.


All you need to do is adapt them to be your own. This will depend on the problems your clients have, the solutions they are looking for and the brand personality that you are aiming to portray.

3 Cool Tools to Help You Nail Your Headline

Portent Title Generator

Stumped for ideas? The Portent Title Generator will get those creative juices going? Just enter your keyword, and see what comes up, then adapt it for your audience, and good grammar.

Headline Analyser

The AMI Headline Analyser measures the Intellectual, Spiritual and Emotive elements of your headline. It’s a fun tool to help you develop your headline skills. Keep in mind that’s it’s only a guide.

Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator

Sometimes coming up with good ideas for your topic is half the battle. The Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator will help you with both blog and headline ideas, so if you’re staring at a blank screen, try this!

Do you have a favourite tip or tool for creating headlines? What’s worked for you? We’d love to hear about them.

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Krishna Everson

Krishna Everson is a Health Promoter, Writer and Marketing Consultant and Trainer who works with health and wellness professionals who want to share their message, promote their service, or sell their product or book.

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