How to turn one great idea into a stream of awesome blog content!

Blog ideas made easyAs a fellow passionate business owner, I know you have MORE than one idea!

But what do you do with it? How can you use your ideas, and share them in different ways to spread far and wide to those you serve, without spreading yourself thin in the process?

Master the art of repurposing your article and blog content.

Step 1: Start with an idea

I usually find an idea presents itself, and I will be inspired to write about it, like this one.

You may find that you prefer to jot down ideas as they come to you so that you can return to your list for inspiration at a later date, or even create an editorial calendar for the year. 

 Your idea will:

  • Address a need or desire of your target market or niche
  • Be written in a way that connects with your audience (tone, language etc)
  • Be relevant, meaningful and timely
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Typically a blog article will be: 

  • Conversational
  • Long enough to get the message across without waffling (stick to the point!)
  • Purposeful with a call to action
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Step 2: Expand your idea

This technique can be used for any idea that you have. The beauty of repurposing, is that you can share a consistent message with your tribe, but you don’t have to repeat it, you can share it in different ways.

Lets have a go with a sample scenario….

I’m going to take one idea and expand it into ten potential blog posts that have a simple structure and are easy to write when you know your topic (which of course you do.) 

Do you have a troubled teenager?Sample scenario:

Imagine you are a counsellor or therapist who works with teens, and would like to attract more to your clinic. You need to engage the parent who makes the decision. The parents you are targeting have been concerned about the changing behaviour in their once amicable child as they hit the pre-teen hormones, or are already experiencing erratic behaviour.

Sample Idea:
Topic: Managing teenage behaviour
Niche: Parents with preteens or adolescents 
How to

1. How to help your teen cope with their emotions

Signs and symptoms 

2. On drugs or just moody? How to tell the difference in your teen.
3. Depression in Teenagers – the tell-tale signs
4. Could your teenager be addicted to porn? How to tell, and what to do about it.

10 tips

5. 10 communication tips for parents with difficult teenagers

Common mistakes

6. Common mistakes that parents make when trying to control their teenager and what to do instead

How to avoid 

7. How to avoid a screaming match with your teen and still save face

Case studies

8. How a teenage bully became a child advocate and altered his path forever

First-hand accounts

9. How I survived the discovery that my child was an abuser

Before and after

10. Getting through the teenage years – there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

See how it’s done? You can apply this method to almost any idea, and there are hundreds of ways to expand on a topic. Just start with one idea, and go from there.

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Krishna Everson

Krishna Everson is a Health Promoter, Writer and Marketing Consultant and Trainer who works with health and wellness professionals who want to share their message, promote their service, or sell their product or book.

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Lisa Murray - February 5, 2014

Great tips Krishna… sometimes we just need a spark of inspiration to keep the writing going! Thank you 🙂

    Krishna - February 5, 2014

    You’re welcome Lisa, and thanks. I know what an inspired writer you are. 🙂

Michelle House - February 5, 2014

Brilliant Krishna!! I love this!

    Krishna - February 5, 2014

    Thats great Michelle. Hope it helps inspire lots of awesome household budgeting blog articles!

Tash Majenta - February 6, 2014

Great article with easy to follow information. I sometimes get too carried away with writing about my perspective and thoughts rather than engaging through providing what the reader will benefit from. I bit embarrassing to admit. Thanks for sharing your tips and knowledge.

    Krishna - February 6, 2014

    Tash I REALLY believe there is an important place for your style of writing, as it’s about your personal perspective. Because I work mainly with business owners, I tend to really tap into the client perspective. Don’t be embarressed, what you do is awesome! That’s why my workshops are more for business owners as they are more about connecting through education, rather than creative writing and story telling, although there is elements of both! Being yourself is paramount:)

Stephanie McGuffog - August 4, 2017

Great blog Krishna! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂


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