The 28 day K.I.S.S marketing challenge is simple to follow, easy to do, and will ignite the growth of your health business!

Imagine that. More clients, less overwhelm, only $197 to join with lifetime access!

Are you a health practitioner or wellness coach?

Learn how to market with heart!


You know you have an amazing message to share and awesome products and services, but you struggle to get clear on your marketing message, and feel frustrated with the amount of effort you make for the results you're getting. If you want to get more clients, reach more people, and be recognised for what you do and how you can help, the 28 day KISS marketing challenge is for you!

What's the 28 Day KISS Marketing Challenge?

It's marketing without the overwhelm!

  • 1 task a day is all that it takes to complete the challenge
  • You'll understand the what and the why of each task
  • You'll connect more easily with clients you love working with
  • You'll have a clearer understanding of who your clients are and where to find them
  • You'll be able to improve  your website copy
  • You'll get clarity around building your brand
  • More people will know exactly what it is you do
  • You'll be able to articulate what it is you do more clearly
  • You'll attract more referrals
  • You'll have a toolbox of shortcuts and tools to make it easier!


I have not been privy to any other challenge like this on line and my new and enhanced skills learned through the challenge, have already improved my email communication, social media platform and made my business (and myself) look far more attractive and professional. Thank you Krishna. 

Shelagh Brennand 
Author/Stroke Safe Ambassador
A Stroke of Poetry

For once a KISS challenge which lived up to its name. Nothing in was hard or complicated to apply to my business. Love Krishna's teaching style. I loved the interaction within the group and Krishna's live videos as I did not feel I was doing it alone.

Sandra Meehan
House of Ra

I have participated in the 28 Day KISS Challenge and it was awesome. Great content, excellent support and useful tools to help with my marketing. Krishna knows exactly what shes talking about and is a valuable asset to your business. 

Chey Bodhi
I AM... Hypnotherapy

Thanks for the marketing advice Krishna, it was incredibly helpful! Have already seen the benefits of implementing some of your suggestions

Nel Fulloon
Harmony Care Nanny

Amazing insights and content. Lots of great information to help build my business. Krishna's ability to understand what you need and then provide was spot on. It was wonderful to work with Krishna.

Helen Andrew
Spare Harvest

Krishna is a very knowledgeable marketing professional who is passionate in her work. I was a recent participant in her 28 day marketing challenge which was trans-formative for many of us who took part. I now have so much more knowledge for marketing my health and wellbeing business and this has already brought me new opportunities I'm really excited about! Thank you, Krishna!

Emma Anderson

Krishna helped me to realise that marketing is not a dirty word nor does it have to be overwhelming for a beginner. She cuts it down into bite-size pieces and I was shown how to find what suited both me and my business. 

J N L Buderim
  • What happens when I join?
    You will be able to login to your Academy profile and get started straight away!  You'll receive a workbook including all the content, and some printable checklists to make things easy! You'll have lifetime access to all of the content online. You'll have access to the member Facebook group for extra guidance and interaction! It's a great community.
  • I don't have a lot of time. How much work is involved?
    The focus of this challenge is SIMPLICITY! It's based on daily tasks that are easy to complete and time efficient too. The aim is keep them to around the 15 minute mark, but still help you to attract new clients, reach more of the right people and be recognised for what you do, and how you help.  
      • What if I miss a task?
        No problem at all. Each task is stand alone. It's not a requirement to do them in a particular order. Simply do it the following day, in fact, you can re-visit them at any time! Think of it as an ongoing resource with lifetime access. 
      • Do I have to invest money to complete the tasks?
        No. The tasks can be completed without the need to invest in high cost programs or tools. They are designed to be doable on a shoestring budget.
      • What if I don't have a business yet? 
        That's okay! I wish I was armed with this information when I started! The steps in the 28 Day KISS Challenge will set you in good stead as you pursue your passion and purpose. 
      • What does KISS stand for?  
        Keep It Simple Steps! The purpose of the challenge is so that you can take daily steps that move you towards your destination. Nothing 'stupid' about it! If you get caught up, and it takes a little longer, you'll still have lifetime access to the lessons!


Krishna Everson | Health Promoter
Krishna Everson
Health Marketing Strategist

About Krishna Everson

Krishna worked in media for many years before pursuing her passion, and followed her dreams for a career in health. She now combines the two by sharing 25 years of marketing knowledge with health practitioners and natural therapists who want to make a difference, through her face to face workshops and online programs.  Krishna is also a health writer and university qualified Health Promoter. 

Krishna is also a WordPress developer, blogging trainer, and teaches writing for the web and digital marketing....all with a health flavour.