What can I post on social media? The idea generator…

Post Inspiration: Don't use social media to impress people, use it to impact people. (Dave Willis)

Have you ever felt challenged by what to post on social media? Perhaps you find yourself promoting products, services and events, and getting little engagement (comments, likes and shares) as a result.

We all know how annoying it is when all people do is promote. It probably feels uneasy for you too.

The general rule of thumb is to mix up your posts:

30% promotional
30% adding value
30% sharing others
10% inspiration

Today’s post is designed to get you thinking about what’s possible for you and your business, products and service offerings.

Think about your general audience and ideal customer. What inspires and interests them?

Once you are posting regularly, you will begin to see what they are more likely to like, share and comment on.

Here are a few social media ideas to try!

  • Fascinating fact
  • Myth buster
  • Answer a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)
  • Hot tip or ninja hack
  • Remedy or solution
  • Simple how to
  • Recipe for…….
  • Quote
  • Address an objection
  • Behind the scenes
  • Did you know?
  • Newsflash
  • Funny
  • Your own event
  • Community Event
  • Influencers event
  • Intro your team
  • Share your weekend passion
  • Workplace or workstation photo
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Share a story
  • Post a poll

What mediums will you use?

  • Video – Facebook LIVE, You Tube, Facebook native video.
  • Graphic images or memes – Create using a graphics tool such as Canva or Pic Monkey or share others
  • Photographs – Personal or workplace behind the scenes
  • Blog Posts – From your website (drives traffic), or from an influencer (builds trust and industry or peer relationships)

Ask yourself

  • Is it educational?
  • Is it valuable?
  • Are you solving a problem?
  • Does it inform or inspire to motivate a change in behaviour?
  • Share your perspective and valuable insights, show yourself.
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Krishna Everson | Health PromoterKrishna worked in media for many years before pursuing her passion and followed her dreams for a career in health. She now combines the two by sharing 25 years of marketing knowledge with health practitioners and natural therapists who want to make a difference, through her face to face workshops and online programs.  Krishna is also a health writer and university qualified Health Promoter.


Krishna Everson

Krishna Everson is a Health Promoter, Writer and Marketing Consultant and Trainer who works with health and wellness professionals who want to share their message, promote their service, or sell their product or book.

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